With thanks.

Well it would seem to be popular with my readers that Wendy came to her senses ( AKA yours truly realised what he’d almost lost ..apologised a fair bit and pledged to change what he can. She accepts tho that some things aren’t so malleable for me in my situation, and the fact that, well, you can’t polish a turd…..). Thank you peeps for your best wishes!

Whilst temporarily single I went out ( no, not on the pull ) with ChrisCatsUnfortunatesClub. Me, him, and Paul the blind fella. What an irresistible collective fanny magnet we ought be. Sadly, Bolt the dog was ill, so all females kept their distance. Mmmm, I’ll have to start smuggling a budgie out with me, maybe?

Paul started losing his sight in his 20’s. Me being an optometrist type is aware more than most of visual empathy and relating factually too. We had a great ( and female free ) night on the town ( aka sat in a well lit and quiet, and accessible pub ). Never mind. It was a laugh. We have a Whatsapp group which has a picture title that incorporates all our disabilities too…

I know…. cute. Like us!

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