And also..

I decided today, on waking, that we’d try to fire up my Segfree wheelchair so that I can go more places. It’s been dormant for 18 months, due to COVID and me having no chance of getting here.
Having plugged it in to charge 2 days ago, I was excited and nervous about being on it. It’s a Segway with a seat on it, and is pretty cool.

True to form, nothing seems to go too well though. It doesn’t start. … I’ve changed the remote batteries, tried everything I can think of, but it just won’t fire up.

Along with my iBot, COVID enforced inactivity has claimed another battery powered victim. Getting it to work again will need new batteries and also someone who understands what to do to get it working.

Gawd, I’d like stuff to go right for a change, tech wise. … everything seems to be NOT working.

Also I need a girlfriend who is a bloody mechanical genius as well as good looking, or just be sexually binary when I go on my holidays ! 🤦‍♂️

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