All going on then…

The process of spine repair  has begun again then. I spent about 3 hours of yesterday inside big imaging type tubes – MRI and the like typa tubes. If I was the claustrophobic type and was desperate to make a  dash for it it would have been tricky, as I can’t move at all, did occur to me … as I’m not I seemed to just go to sleep during most of them, making it quite a nice experience, really…. I can’t ever sleep in the day, as I can’t get into bed, or sleep say bolt  upright ( with now a 20 degree lean to the left ) either, so it was a  novelty to do that.

The day started with me ‘ racing ‘ Carer across London – Triride vs Wheelchair adaptéd car for 10 Miles – Russ 1-0 Car by 10 Minutes

Then I was injected with a radioactive isotope at 11 am and told to come back at 2pm, and avoid children, the sick and the pregnant in the meantime ( and for about 8 hours in total ) – no, not joking… doh, my plans to visit the local ante natal and ill group in the nearest primary school dashed, we went for a coffee instead  I didn’t notice anything strange except the grass dying immediately when i tipped my urine from my attached leg bag  onto it, as it was full  Then within 10 seconds a 3 foot triffid like creature grew from the blackened soil  – all perfectly normal in North London possibly anyway?

Then we met the lovely and always interesting Chris H in Lords cricket ground ( where he works )  and had the usual funny conversation about all kinds of stuff.

At 2 it was scan start time, and it went on til 6pm, followed by a wheelchair car drive back through rainy  London  The amazing summer has stopped, hasn’t it? Never mind, it was good while it lasted, which was for ever, it seemed

A visit to Screwfix, something I’m allergic to to eat  ( bang, bloated stomach ) and a few jobs round the flat ( actually not far off finishing everything- few more weeks I reckon ) and into bed, where the sleep in the day meant only a few hours sleep in bed – always a payback isn’t there. Mind you it might be cos I’m glowing bright fluorescent green that I cannot sleep, having retired without My sunglasses?

Big thanks to Dom for organising the Gielgud theatre last night- 3 and a half hour play about Ancient Rome and it’s political warfare demonstrated that not much has altered in politics for over 2000 years- power , cash, and pocket lining still wins, and never mind the normal people …

Today I go to Reading Festival – possibly a few decades older than anyone else there, but I don’t care about that – it should be good

Thanks to Rob for spending Thursday putting up stuff for me and being his usual brilliant company af the same time – I now have far more order in my living room by virtue of a piece of Richer Sounds AV furniture ( assembled by Rob )

I’ve had to do a fair bit of email writing this week to contest 3 parking tickets caused by Boris parking my car illegally a while back  It’s the driver that’s responsible, not the car owner, so no way I’ll pay those  As he lives in Hungary, I’m sure it’s not over yet,  but as I said, I’ll be f’d if I pay.

I seem to contest all kinds of stuff these days by email, and always win too (?)  I like a little ‘ I know my rights ‘ letter and bang them off in minutes   It’s all a game isn’t it, and as I can’t race in boats, on bikes and on skis etc now, I can at least get a victory with words here and there

I’ve certainly taken control of my life in a big way again, and I’m not answerable to anyone other than the Law and HRMC now. It’s actually very liberating being not married etc – and it’s no wonder people opt for that increasingly after trying wedlock ( yes, the clue is in the word )

When i Triride’d to Shaftesbury Avenue on Thursday, at the red traffic lights in Piccadilly Circus, I weaved to the front and ended up between a Black Cabbie and a police RangeRover

I was sending a text when the cabbie said ‘ blimey mate, you’re taking a chance ( presumably texting ) with that police car next to you, aren’t you?! I laughed and said that it was probably FAR too much trouble to arrest me in a wheelchair than it was worth, paperwork wise, so I was ok ( I reckon that strictly speaking you have to have your engine running to commit a texting while driving offence, and my chair battery shuts down when stationary, so that’s very arguable )  At that point the Cop rolled down his window and looked me in the eye, then at my Triride, and at my phone. I looked back ( equally ) at him looking at me.

He said ‘ Hello ‘ in an authoritative way. I said ‘ Hi ‘in a smiley kind of way, and shot off when the lights went green.

Well it’s not even as though I have a number plate to write down, is it?


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