I have to thank Charlie P for suggesting I read that  book. I’d never in a million years thought that Charlie would be able to offer advice on the female sex, but there you go, I was wrong.

The most amazing thing is that it’s all really simple ( or at least the bits I’ve tried are, in the last few days )

The No 1 thing seems to be that females just want you to listen to them talking ( or at least looking as though you are ). And then ( and get this, fellas ) you don’t have to actually DO anything. You just have to listen and nod, maybe say yes, no, gosh, really and poor you… You don’t actually have to come up with any solutions or advice at all?! That’s actually the last thing they want you to do.

Its a male instinct to just think ‘ she’s asking me for a solution, so I’ll tell her what to do, by being helpful ‘ but actually that’s REALLY NOTwhat she wants- she just wants to tell you how hard her life is, and for you to sympathise.

How bonkers is that? Men will never understand the logic for sure, but that’s not the point. You haven’t got to be logical – you just have to listen.

Crazy but true.

And it works! I’ve been trying it, and all you get is smiles??! Seriously you couldn’t make it up.


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