A message.

Fascinating stuff on the blog again. Sorry to hear about the disappointments that have come your way this month. Not many people would put themselves out there like you do, and be vulnerable – kudos. And, of course, your sage advice to men will never, ever, be properly engrained in us; no matter how hard we try. But try we must!
Given my questions above, your experience at the airport highlights for me that as hard as we try as architects we can always be let down by ‘ourselves/ humans’ which is most unfortunate.

Finally, many thanks for the shout-out to us gingers on May 19. Recognition is long overdue!

Funnily enough I was on the end of some ginger humour this afternoon at work. But as I’m heading to Beijing next week where we gingers are held in high regard due to our unique colouring [I hope that’s still the case anyway] I was able to let things slide!!


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