I went to see Love Actually in the outdoor cinema tonight in Wandsworth Park. I’d ( actually ) never seen Love Actually, other than a few scenes here and there. What a lovely film, with such a true and important theme.

I can verify that without the love that you ( I ) need in my life, that life itself isn’t worth having, and that when you do have it, that it becomes so, again. If you think you  lose the love that keeps you alive, and all is lost, then life itself loses its’ appeal, which is where I found myself on Saturday. I said goodbye on this blog, and subtley elsewhere, and departed this earth…. only to find myself alive several hours later.

The film is about several people that are in love, in proper love, in several different ways, but all equally valid. Some is funny, some is romantic, some is tragic and unreturned, but all is an unstoppable force that comes before anything else.

I’ve been in love several times in my life, and I know how it feels – it’s the most powerful sensation, and it does consume you, conquering all else if threatened.

Today I saw both of my daughters, and they were both worthy of being loved. The thing is that even when they aren’t ‘worthy of it’, it flows from me to them in any case – thats how true love is. You can’t just turn it off.

So if you do love someone, or more than one, or lots of people, then tell them ( today ) that you do. You never know what effect you had on them, by reminding them that you do.

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  1. I don’t know you Russel, but I am glad you made it. I believe you still have a life to live if you are brave enough to dive deeper in to discovering your true worth. Stella is a great wing man. Lean on her. The other Anna

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