Fun times…

My carer ( who is in her 30’s ) has spent her caring career looking after the very old or the very young.. obviously I’m not the latter but I’m not quite the former either.

Well apparently you have to be quite ‘ careful ‘ with your language at both ends of the age spectrum, for obvious reasons with the kids, and cos the elderly aren’t exactly ‘risqué ‘ as a rule, she says.

As a consequence ( and cos she is the churchy type ) when she is moved to ‘ insult ‘ me, she says such things as a ‘ you’re a Nincompoop !’ Obviously having been born in the wrong era to be insulted I just start laughing.

Today she went completely overboard and called me Cheeky Bones…?!

I don’t know but I think she’s overstepped the line there… so I’m monitoring the situation before making an official complaint.

In the meantime I’m wheeling carefully around her to avoid any more of her vicious name calling. Any advice from those experienced in domestic abuse environments welcome ….

6 thoughts on “Fun times…

  1. Russ you know I love you but what happened to my useful information I gave you about your carer? Margaret x x

    1. There must be something ‘special needs’ with that carer.
      But what a job! What a lucky girl! She’s the one that should be paying, not Russ!

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