A message. Appreciated!

Hey Russ, (***** SCI, if not in your phone). Haven’t done WhatsApp/Messenger for months and zero inclination but always read your blog (course!). I’m the only suicidal quadriplegic in this relationship. Find your own niche ffs!! Another wonderful c*** (like us), Mr Gervais says, “Life’s a struggle, with little beautiful surprises that make you wanna carry on… through all the shit!” It’s a moving scene in the David Brent debacle. Maybe check it out?
I think only those who experience the precipice know what it’s like to be… on the edge. Dreadful. Unimaginable. Most of your readers won’t appreciate what it took, the courage, to write it. Don’t expect they’ll understand the unimpeachable strength it will require to survive Monday either. But those who matter will, and they’ll be so very relieved.
The world needs strong, irreverent, irresistible, and well just bloody great humans like you in it. I only read one fucking blog, and that’s, frankly sparse (I pardon you 😉 Don’t think ‘House n Home’ is my bag… Well, I’m rambling but always in your corner xx

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