A message.

Hey superstar!

Here’s the first deal – you are allowed one day per month in bed for the entire day. Any more than that and my jealousy would be unbearable. Here’s the second deal – if you have all day laying in bed – do you think that maybe you could let me know you are finally free for me to give you a call?? J

You are going through difficult transition two. Coming home into what you had before yet will never access in that way again. Every day is going to be a day of courage. You are going to have to take the courage pill and get out there and deal with whatever happens. You will drive again and your confidence in the chair can only get better. Turn your head off when you have to. You used to turn that head off every time you competed, took calculated risk in a paddle, on your bike, on your skis. Your confidence was shaken but you will have to package the uncertainty away and turn off the switch now and then like you used to. You are doing great !

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