I’ve been back in the park today, on my handbike, with my Toulon crew, most of us from that fateful day 2 years ago.

I’d had the bike set up tweaked in the hope that it would make pedalling easier. Was it?  No.

So… Then I realised that if I put my chin much closer to my chest ie not so far back, I could breathe much more easily, difficulty breathing being the issue before.

Stuffing various shirts and jerseys behind my head was tried, all with mixed success.

I know this is the start of the solution though, and will design a cure using household objects, no doubt.

Its like that film, Apollo 13 (?) where they have to just use what they’ve got. Well that’s me, find a thing and put it to another purpose, rather than spend money on ‘proper’ kit for  a theoretical solution that doesn’t end up working.

I’ll go again tomorrow, and try out my plan, using an adapted emulsion paint roller and a strap from Poundland…that I think just might do it …



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