It’s been 2 days since I ran out of antidep ‘s and I ran it by my Doctor, saying that I hadn’t topped myself yet.

He  seemed quite taken aback at my choice of expression- apparently it means something altogether different to gay men.

So to clarify, I mean that I’m not dead, haven’t committed a gay act, am in good spirits, and will resume my medication on Monday.

My brother arrives in ten minutes, and will make me go out and drink alcohol with him   Luckily I am comfortable with that prospect and won’t resist

His flight is once again delayed, but a few swift ones should sort him out .

My post about a homecoming party was meant as a joke ( obviously) but a few people have said they’ll come, so I thought that The Roebuck in Chiswick, on Saturday after 7…. Would be the venue …..

A table for 4 and 3 chairs should be sufficient .


Big thanks to Mick and Denise for entertaining me this weekend, and to Louis and Peggy for their fantastic hospitality too.







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