Bladder Botox was quite an ordeal.
Christ they first manoeuvred my legs into stirrups and then he stuck this foot long metal rod with a camera on the end into my ‘ organ’ and did it all on a video screen
If I could feel it, it would have been horrendous, I’m sure.
It takes 2 weeks… to take effect. Perhaps then my bloody legs will be less stiff?
I’ve had 2 nights of decent sleep as well. That’s been a bloody novelty.

Saw a band on Saturday night- Leftfield- in Kentish Town. Never seen a venue more packed. Who’d have thought they were still that popular?
Dick Whittington in Richmond theatre was very good! Thanks to Esme for coming on both Saturday and Sunday.

And also saw A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic on Friday with a special young lady.

And fresh outta Botox surgery I’m going to the theatre tonight to see The Book of Mormon. I saw it in 2014, while still in Stoke Mandeville hospital. I couldn’t even bring myself to smile back then, so I don’t remember any of it. Tonight should be better!

And lovely to see some very close friends on Monday at mine, as well as half the Toulon 12 cyclists last Thursday.
It’s been pretty busy then! When I was living on 3 hours sleep, that wasn’t helping much.
Now ( perhaps) that isn’t going to be the case going forward. I don’t know!

Skin lesions not cancerous either.
I live to fight another day then.

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