Great day yesterday with my Uncle Charlie.

He was the Best Man at my wedding – you don’t predict divorce when you get spliced, but hey!

We watched the very exciting Wales vs SA game, then I raced him to Richmond. He was in an Uber and I was in my Triride..
Car Vs Wheelchair – only one winner there.

Me! By a few minutes. 😂
And I reckon his driver was actually racing me 😳

We saw a play ( how very gay ). But didn’t hold hands or anything.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice – really good.

On Friday I’d invited my daughter to see The Seagull in the West End – also very good.
Is the acting better in town than in the peripheral theatres ? Not really, no. Well certainly not if you compared these two.

My Uncle Charlie lives in Hong Pong.
Always lovely to see him!

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