Fantastic guy.

And my lovely mate Chris, who I’ve only known since after my injury, who lives in Weston Super Mare ( though says he lives somewhere else, posher, that isn’t WSM … ) collapsed last week.
Thé Air Ambulance took him to a hospital in Bristol.. where he was told he had 2 brain tumours.

That’s 2 people I know, that I count as close friends, who have brain tumours. Chris’s prognosis isn’t too rosy, and that’s frankly really really sad.

He seems to be taking the situation and dealing with it head on – no bullshit, no fluff – there aren’t any positives. We talked a few minutes ago and on the topic of making the most of every day.

Chris – you impress me with your coolness under fire, my friend.
I’m going to be talking to Chris a lot, that’s for sure.

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