As well as the worst bit being the carrying on and off the airplane..
The other worst bit is trying to get into a taxi. I’m so stiff and immovable because of my metalwork that it’s just really bloody hard to get into a car.
The taxi drivers obviously rarely help much so it’s left to my help at the time. Because G is weaker than a kitten ( and she wouldn’t mind me saying it ) it’s actually not worth even trying to get into a taxi.
Therefore I explained to the cab driver that G would catch the cab, and I’d then Triride behind the car to the destination – about 8 miles away. As I explained, he nodded a lot. Then I realised that he hadn’t actually understood a word I said…

Another driver came to help, and translated… and we were off!
I’d asked that he drive slowly and go on minor roads. It was a surprise therefore to find myself on a road that resembled the M4 motorway, going uncomfortably fast. G was looking out of the back window, nervously, which wasn’t that encouraging either.

It really is a wonder I’m not dead. .. but instead I’m successfully in the town of Olhao, by the sea. My God, it’s properly hot here … unlike in the UK where it’s cold and wet… as it has been for about a year.

And tomorrow is my birthday- in the sun! I’m sure G has all sorts of treats planned.
Not. 🤦‍♂️

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