Last day.

What do you do with a good lookin young french lad who’s just about legal, on his last day in London ?

You take him up Thé Shard, of course…;)

Thats what we did yesterday – tubes and Triride to get there – was a bit packed but incredible as always.

There was a VIP bit  ( God, how affected are some people ) where you could pay extra and stand in the Moët and Chandon bit, behind a rope … great! Except isnt thé whole point of going,  to walk around and around so that you see London from every angle.

They had special Moët cushions and everything.

Somehow one ended up on my lap and then somehow made its way back to my flat ?!

Blimey, I’ll be sure to repatriate it asap…. !

i thought I’d experiment -Ach went back by Tube and bicycle, and I went by wheelchair and Triride through the rush hour traffic ( 11 miles )

Guess who was back first, 30 Minutes before the other?

Eveyone should have a wheelchair and no sense of danger -,.its the way forward, isn’t it?

Today Wendy and I get the Eurostar to gay Paris, and i booked to take a bicycle for her – We’ll see so much more on wheels than without them, je crois,

Itll be lovely to wake  up on my birthday with a beautiful girl in Paris – that’s a first.


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