Dawker me old mate
I look at yr blog most days…
Is it possible you’re too demanding of your carers? Appreciate you’re paying but you’ve fallen out with so many that I think maybe you should look at yourself… Maybe work out what works for them as well as you so next time you get a half good ‘un you get a chance to train them up before you lose them?
I’m in the UK second half August – are u around? Not sure where and when(!) I am yet but keen to catch up and see yr gaff!
Cheers dude!
P.S. Wendy sounds a good ‘un. No way I’d have cycled 35 miles! That’s what Uber’s for!

Yes that has occurred to me.

But if you were in it, you’d find it actually hard to believe.
They are often so moronic it defies belief. I don’t suffer fools gladly, let alone imbeciles, Charlie.
I make light of it, or I’d kill one of them I think ?
You have honestly never met anyone as thick as Isabelle, today.
She has to ‘ write a report about me ‘.
It takes her longer to do that than she has actually spent time doing anything for me today.
I get a new one from Poland tomorrow. She is Polish and has learnt English. That puts her in a different league to Isabelle, who is English but can barely speak English.
If you had her ‘looking after’ you I can GUARANTEE that it would drive you insane, matey.
Yes, I’m damned by being intelligent, in this game. All their other ‘ clients ‘ are old and ‘ senile’ or mentally disabled. That makes me ‘ challenging ‘.
I can hear their ‘ routine ‘ …
They look at me and slowly say ‘ hello…. how are you today…? Have you been out at all…. when I briefly mention just a tenth of what I’ve done that day, they are struck dumb, and clearly fazed.
I just asked Isabelle again about ‘paraplegia’.
She slowly said it…. obviously for the first time. She’d never heard the word before. That’s scary, mate.
How can they send me a ‘ carer’ who has absolutely no clue about my condition ?
Thé agency are clearly at fault for just taking on anyone at all, the uneducated and unemployable in any other walk of life.
Is it the carer’s fault that she’s so thick ? Not really – that’s genetic. Am I right to get frustrated ? Yes – that comes from conditioning. Im conditioned to expect people who work for me to be capable of doing the job, and im conditioned to have reasonable expectations, and  reserve the right to be dissatisfied with crap service.
Hope that answers your question, buddy.
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