My ‘ routine’ in the morning includes being in a standing chair ( where I’m strapped into a standing position ) for an hour.
To do this, my regular chair has to be taken outside to my terrace, and swapped for the Standing chair, which is kept outside under cover.

This morning though I needed to adjust a brake on my chair, so I asked my help to take the wheels off and turn it upside down, and then spin it around so I can reach the right part with a spanner. I can’t bend, so the only way to do it is with one arm from a lying position in bed. Having finished that, my help said ‘ it’s a bit dirty, so I’ll brush the mud off it ‘
I suggested she do that outside ( obviously ) to make less mess.
Ultimately the chair had to go outside anyway, because it was being swapped for the other one.
Get this for logic though –

She CARRIED the wheelchair ( minus the wheels ) outside, brushed off the mud, then CARRIED the chair back inside, then put the wheels on, then pushed it outside again…
I watch with a mixture of amusement and complete dumbfounded’ness as she does this kind of thing. I mean I love her to bits for her general dedication to me… but sometimes I do wonder how she’s managed to stay, well, stay alive..

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