🔒 down.

I’m surviving in the Lockdown… of course it’s not the best time..but trust me I’ve definitely had worse! Catastrophic lifestyle changes are my thing after all.
There’s a local ( immediate estate ) Whatsapp group that I belong to, largely consisting of people whining about not having enough celery or ground fing turmeric … does anyone in Wales or the deprived counties even know what turmeric is…?!
It may not be a surprise then for you to read that I seem to have at the same time become both the scourge of and the source of amusement of, to group members, depending on their sense of humour or ‘sensitive petal’ness ‘ Either way, it amuses me!

Confinement gives me even more opportunity to exercise in my limited way, and watch the news obviously. The news is far more exciting than any film ( not in a positive way obviously ). I’ve also managed to source a way of getting every movie under the sun without great expense, which is good.

I live adjacent to the towpath here, and am bemused by the ongoing ignorance of the social distancing rules in place – so many stupid people out there. The authorities here are so lacking in actual authority, it’s shameful.
Britain will learn via its society’s ignorance.

Wendy has been her divine self. We can’t be sure but we both suspect we may have contracted The Big C. A good mate of mine, about the last person I socialised with, had almost certainly had it and pulled through, so there’s a fair chance I have … given my unusual sore throat I had.

Who knows though – impossible to say, isn’t it.

I watch though in almost morbid fascination to see how the likes of Unhealthy US fare… I reckon their deaths will go on and on and on..

As I said before then … survival of the fittest. Nature’s unemotional way.

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