Triride back, thank God. Getting around without it, fast, isn’t possible.
As I am going to Alexandra Palace tomorrow, and the closest accessible tube station is miles away… I need my Tri.

And thank you sooooooooooooooo much Gina G for picking it up for me!

They said both batteries had blown. Ouch. At £625 each that’s not funny. I had a second set in any case for such eventualities and I’m using those.
One of the buggered ones did come back to life after leaving it on charge all night so only £625 down rather than £1250.

I think it’s one of the chargers that is faulty. I don’t know which one though, so I’m using a different one altogether now. I really don’t want to risk blowing another battery just because I’ve plugged in a faulty £20 charger to it. I can’t ‘ test ‘ the chargers because I’m not an electrics expert..

Ha! Having said that I’ve just found out how, online, and just ordered a multimeter.
Only £9.99.
I think I’ll be testing all my chargers! I have bloody loads 😂

And a thingy to test if batteries like AA and AAA etc is only £3.99
Well that’s gonna be handy. Let’s face it, you just can’t tell if a device is broken or it’s because of a shot battery.

But hang on, you CAN tell. Here’s something I’ve just learned. Working batteries don’t bounce, but duff ones do. Who’d have thought?! You just hold the AAA a few inches above a hard surface ( not wood ) with the +ve end uppermost, and let go.
If it bounces after impact it’s dead.
Good ones just stay down apparently.

No more ‘ if in doubt chuck it ‘ – just drop it and you can tell!

See, you knew there was a reason you read this blog 😂

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