Wendy and I.

We saw a play on Saturday  night, in another hospital escape – A Kind of Alaska – ‘Cast includes Keith Allen( thats Lily Allen’s Dad) , Lee Evans ( funny comedian type ) Tamsin Greig ( actress well known) , Meera Syal ( comédienne) Tom Edden (?) and – and Penelope Wilton.’

Pinter is as random as fuck – which is made for me  Maybe I should write a play ???


‘A kind of Alaska’ was the term given to the comatosed state that the lady in the last scene had been in – a 30 year coma where she was in a ‘wilderness in her mind ‘- likened ( by her doctor) to being in Alaska.

I’ve been to Alaska and yes, it is a wilderness, but it’s really far more fun than being in a coma ( in which I also have experience  )  In a coma, nothing happens AT ALL , whereas in Alaska you hear the odd snowmobile in the distance sometimes

Tonight tho, just to mix it up,  Wendy and I saw the Black Eyed Peas in Hammersmith – yes another foray after dark then. Im not so much a rap fan, and I found the first half a bit, well… crap, but then it got far better as they played their biggest hits, and WillyIAm came on too. I can’t say any of the band in any way have anything vaguely interesting or intelligent to say, and Christ they don’t half talk a lot, but it was good – am I a fan yet? Well not really but it was 8/10 for me ( Russ I Am ) and my girlfriend – When D Bitch.

As I don’t identify any more with being white, I was also ( other than the band ) thé only black person in the venue.

Coming back on thé Tri was definitely like being in Alaska – f’ing cold…


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