Well the film was good..

I went to see Where the crawdads sing, the other night.

For only the second time, I went to the cinema solo. Well it was an impulsive kinda act, and I didn’t actually invite anyone – so hard to be in company if you don’t tell anyone you’re going!

There’s a special wheelchair lift in Westfield Vue. A staff member has to take you up in it, though you can leave by yourself, as exiting ( for safety reasons ) has to be something you can do yourself.

Anyway.. after being escorted to my area, I said to the chap that I’d be ok leaving by myself.
He then said ‘ well you can’t, because the lift button isn’t working. Someone will come and get you. ‘

OK, I said. Fair enough.

Thé film is brilliant. Go and see it tonight!

I did make my way to the lift afterwards, and indeed having pressed the button, nothing happened. OK, so someone is coming anyway.

15 minutes later, I’m still waiting at the lift door. There’s no sign, no emergency phone, nothing. So I googled and found various numbers.
I tried them all. Same message ‘ thanks for calling Westfield **** service.. we are now closed ‘ etc.

Jesus.. so now what am I supposed to do ?

I then called 999.

‘ Which service do you want … etc ?’

‘I am in a wheelchair and stuck in a building. It’s not exactly an emergency, but I am stuck ‘

‘ Which service do you require though?’

‘ Well you tell me, is that fire brigade or police?!’

‘ Can’t advise you Sir, which service do you require?’

OK – Police then?!

‘ Putting you through’

‘ Hello, what’s the emergency?’

I’m stuck in a building, in a wheelchair, on the top floor. The lift operator has forgotten to fetch me…

‘ Have you called security?’

Yes, I’ve tried but there’s no answer, because they are shut

‘ What are the instructions on the inside of the lift ?’

No idea- I’m not inside the lift! I’m stuck upstairs, with no lift working.

‘ OK I’ll try to call security’

Then ..

There’s no answer Sir, I can’t really help you ‘

The emergency services can’t help me?? What? What’s the point in calling 999 if you say you can’t help someone stuck and in distress?’

Saved by the bell – suddenly a staff member appears. I say goodbye to the ‘ Emergency Services 🤷’ and give the staff fella a hard time.

‘ I came at the end of the film ‘

Oh no you didn’t- that was 20 minutes ago! I’ve been waiting outside a lift door and have called 999.

He proposed a complimentary ticket. I said no… and I’d be calling The Sun.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the service!
If I was the fragile type I’d have fallen to pieces!

I did calm down, and I apologised for giving Ahmed a hard time. It hadn’t been Ahmed that had taken me up 2 hours earlier…

So a few complimentary tickets later, plus a refund, I left.

Clearly it’s against the rules to take me to the top of a building I can’t escape from. but it’s a worse failure to then ‘ forget when to get me out ‘

Not even going to the cinema is straightforward, clearly. Well definitely not by myself!

Disabled blimmin life.

2 thoughts on “Well the film was good..

    1. Indeed! Sadly this stuff happens to all of us in wheelchairs!

      The choice is –

      Never go out and be safe, but get morbidly depressed in the process..

      Keep going and do as much as you still can, but get let down left, right and centre…


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