Well I never.

Well I’ll tell you what… things do seem to have changed. Two or three years ago I was regularly being made to feel very awkward/ being refused entry to buses when the bus had a baby’s buggy in the wheelchair space already. Drivers would frequently just not put down the ramp for me, or just shake their heads and drive off. Now that isn’t happening.

Before, it was quite common for a parent with a buggy to absolutely decline to give way to the wheelchair ( despite the law and the clear signage ). Now parents are smiling politely at me, moving buggies off the buses and ushering me on with cheery words. Males in particular are very gracious.

I do feel guilty when I effectively bump the pram off the bus, but to avoid confusion all round as to who has priority, I do board the bus and obviously thank the exiting buggy pusher.

It would seem to have crept into social convention then, this acceptance, at least in the areas I travel. The bus drivers too are smiling more.

Good, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Well I never.

  1. I have found that everyone is more helpful on busses and everywhere than they used to be. Love Marge xx

  2. Dawky, you complained once about some ignorant driver. Attitudes are evolving and so they should.

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