Wednesday 24th – Bob and Di

This morning we found Russ very much calmer than yesterday. We explained that he was experiencing some drug withdrawal symptoms which he understood and accepted. Russell was wearing a pad around his chest which vibrates for a short period of time six times a day. The vibrations move the mucus around in his lungs which frees it allowing it to be sucked out. This is not a very pleasant procedure for Russell but is preferable to physiotherapy which he finds very painful. Further update this pm


Bob and I shared the afternoon and evening visiting time with Sarah and Larry. Russell was quite subdued. We massaged his shoulders and neck which seemed to make him more comfortable. Russ had a further session with the thoracic vibrator to bring up the mucus so that he could breathe more easily. This exhausted him but he rallied around before we left him. The nurses have told us that his pneumonia is responding to the course of antibiotics which is excellent news. We are hoping that he will feel much better tomorrow. 

Message from Jayne Creamer:

Hi Russ,
From reading the blog it sounds like you are showing some
true 'Russ form' in being annoyed and annoying - such a relief for us to
read ;) I can't believe that there is no mention of the biggest news -
no not the Lions caning the Wallabies - but the birth of the Little
Prince! who isn't a ginger - so you lost that bet - thanks, Ad and I
look forward to the beers you now owe us. Current debate is the name -
we have $2.50 on 'Kanye'.
As has been mentioned, Froome did win the
tour and in emphatic style - supported by an awesome team including the
fabulous Aussie package of Richie Porte. Felt sorry for poor Mark
Cavendish who seemed to be served a rough deal due to the fact that he's
only managed to win 15 stages this season not the 18 he did last
season.... what a slacker. 
There's some big cricket comp going on
too - the Ashes - I believe it's named. Can' tell you much about it as
they don't talk about it over here. 
Lots of love big boy, Ads and Jayne xxxx

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