Wednesday 13th November

7.30 toilet and shave. 

8.30 getting dressed whilst in a wheelchair practice. Not easy as you feel at all times as though you’re about to fall out of the bloody thing. 
10.00 Physio, involving back strengthening and press up’s. My best was 20. That’s double it was when I first came here. 
11.00 ‘standing up’ in a frame… 
12.00 lunch with my Uni rugby mate, Nick Wilson. Great to see him. 
13.00 – 16.45 wheelchair skills with the Back Up charity guys. God, they’re good in their chairs. I’m better than I was but still mediocre. 
16.45 mum and dad arrive with homemade cottage pie. And wine 🙂
Was fun. 
19.30 Brother Stu ( no, not the friar ) and my Aunty Rose and Uncle Dennis arrive. 
Lovely to see them, Rose could barely disguise her upset. 
21.30 they leave for the long drive home to Wales. 
Yep, a full day. 
Tomorrow will be much the same. I don’t have time to be bored, or to be too reflective. I believe that sometimes that’s a good thing. 
Just get your head down and get on with it, Dawkins. 

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