WDF – Neil

Hi Russ

It seems a long time ago that we met up with you at Heathrow Terminal 5 to fly to Nice for the WDF trip in June.  I still remember your amazement that Ian and I had managed to chat up a Canadian girl without your assistance (actually she just wanted to borrow a mobile phone!).

Then along came Quentin, and I was pleased that there was a newcomer to WDF who could give you as much lip as you are accustomed to giving to others.  Little did we know that Quentin would be such a tower of strength at the time of, and following, your terrible accident.  Not just Quentin – but Roy, Dickon, Toby and many others in the WDF group who helped you out as best they could during a very traumatic time for all.

I agree with Rob that you have always been core to that cycling group, constantly providing assistance and encouragement – as well as a healthy dose of humour.  It’s our turn to collectively offer you assistance and encouragement (and a good dose of humour) as you continue your difficult new journey.

You have been constantly in our thoughts since 14 June, and the WDF guys are obviously delighted at your steady, and remarkable, recovery.

All the very best,


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