Waking up!

The latest today from Russ's mother in law, Jenni:

Dear all
Well, Russ is now nearly in a sitting position, so much more upright. He is no
longer on Dialysis. He seemed tired this morning but did open his eyes a little
and apparently when Larry and Sarah went into the ward, his eyes opened wide and
he turned his head.
He remains looking comfortable and now his room is brightly decorated with some
beautiful pictures that Amber has done.
So if there is any news later I shall update you.
Love to you all
Jenni x

6 thoughts on “Waking up!

  1. Love reading the progress, keep going Russ, you too Dani.

    Nice to read the other comments too, especially Russ’ contribution to Nigel’s wedding night.
    I had a similar disruptive experience at my stag do when Russ was dancing on the table in all his glory, dressed only in a butter dish. (I’ll pass on the obvious knob joke). Needless to say we left the restaurant earlier than planned.

    I share this litte anecdote, as it is this sense of mischief, energy and vitality for life which Russ has in buckets that will get him back causing more mayhem in the very near future.

    Russ, Dani, Chris, Charlie and I relived a few stories in Chiswick at Easter, and had a great old giggle- I am sure the other UWIST boys have a few stories to share too 🙂

    Love from Adam & Sally xxx

  2. So good to hear about the progress. Russ is so lucky to have such a wide group of dedicated friends and family. Says an awful lot about what a great bloke he is. Thank you for keeping the blog up to date, it really helps to get regular updates on his progress. We are all thinking about him and wishing hard for further progress and good news

    Toby, Cressida, Ella and josh

  3. Glad to hear of the progress, we were praying for him and his family this morning at church and will continue to do so… God bless you Russ… Chris 🙂

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