Today Russ had a tracheotomy fitted.  This device will act like the ventilator and force air into his lungs as his lungs are not quite up to coping on their own.  It means that he doesn’t have to have a ventilator anymore so his lovely face is relieved of at least one huge pipe/tube!  Dani can at last kiss his lips!
Russ was sedated for the minor op and considering he has been slow to wake in general since the accident it was assumed he may continue to be sleepy for a couple of days following further sedation.  Not so!  It seems Russ has tried his best today to make facial expressions and he is trying to make some sounds too.  The doctors say that he will have to relearn how to make sounds whilst he has the trachy fitted but this is completely normal.

Bob, Di, Dani and Amber had a very cathartic day today as between visits they headed for a beach that Russ and his brothers, Alwyn and Stuart spent alot of time at during the summer holidays as young boys.  I gather everyone had a wonderful day and it was a much needed respite.

I gather some of you are having problems writing comments on the blog.  If you can’t add your comments, please email me at: and I will post them for you.

When you do eventually wake up Russ you will see how many people have been thinking about you.

This blog has been up for about 5 days but already we have 3000+ views!

whoops I meant 4000+!!!

Until tomorrow! x

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