I’m finally getting to watch the British Lions vs Australis tests from 7 weeks ago. I know the results already but have just got to see the apparently amazing Welsh input. Today’s been a day most memorable for how painful it was trying to slide into a wheelchair. My ribs are very much NOT better. By the time I’d gotten in, I had to get out again into bed, before I started to cry! My parents came for the last time for a month, as they go off to my brother’s mansion in America. I’m sure there is more fun than here! Big thanks to them both though for their support. 🙂 A level result day today. Friends of mine have kids, plus my nephew Sam, who got what they needed and are off come September. Christ, I got my results on my birthday back in ’84(?) and after that there was no stopping me. I don’t think I’m a whole lot different now to the guy that graduated from Cardiff 3 years later. Ok, so I drink less and don’t get into fights so much, but am still a 20 yr old big kid underneath. The staff here are so nice it’s untrue. Across the board they are lovely. I think the people that employ them must place niceness as highly as ability We’ve found at my business that that’s the way forward anyway. Increase the love I say, you can teach people the job, but you can’t create a nice person out of a total, er, ****. Mind you, I used to be bloody hard work on occasion,whereas now I’m a pleasure 😉 I have to credit my partner, Helen, with putting up with me 15 years ago. Now I’m the softy and she’s the Hatchet. I’ve not had a coffee since June 13th. Wonder if that’s had any effect on me? I’m about £150 better off, that’s a fact. Not drinking’s saved me a lot too. Not much incentive to drink alone in bed in the middle of the night. Obviously I’d do anything to turn back the clock 2 months, but that’s not an option. My girls and Dani are back from Portugal for a few days on Saturday, and I can’t wait to see them. My daughters make me so very happy. Having them in the same room as me lifts my spirits I’m sure it’s the same for all parents. But since my accident I seem to crave their love more. Is that self pity or was I missing something before? Night all X

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  1. Russ, if the pain caused you to cry, the rest of us would have passed out! Wish there was more we could do to relieve your physical pain, so sorry. That said, love the honesty and clarity of thought, mental toughness was always one of your top characteristics. Enjoy the Lions game, see if they’ll let you have one shandy? All our love bro, Alwyn, Nads, M, C and G xxx

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