I’ll hear from a few peeps today, for sure. It won’t be many, I know. People suffer from the ‘ well I didn’t really know what to say, and he probably wants space ‘ syndrome – which of course is exactly the opposite of the truth. I won’t actually hear from a couple of people who without my input wouldn’t actually exist, if you get my drift.

In the same way that you’d visit your father’s/ mother’s grave on the anniversary of his/ her death, then today ought be the day to send something to someone like me. You see, your deceased parents can’t actually hear you, or respond, because they are dead,  but someone like me, can, because I’m alive.

Thats not that complicated, is it?

This definitely isn’t a plea for messages btw, it’s just an explanation of how it is.

Having worked out that red wine 🍷 is ok for me, I shall be having a few later for sure.

And smiling.

4 thoughts on “Today

  1. I was thinking about you yesterday as today approached. How suddenly your life was permanently changed. You were such a sporty guy. How hard the change was and still is for you.

    I admire hoe you have risen to the challenges of your new life and I sympathise with the ongoing carer and living accomodation challenges of your life. I, too, would find dealing with the uncertainty of those very stressful.

    Happy second life, Russ!


      1. Hi Russ,

        Just saw your question. No, we haven’t met in real life. I live in the US and follow your blog. You may private email me if you like.


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