The weekend…

… Has been all about arse preservation ie  this time getting back to Stokey in one piece, with no sores or knocks. 

What this has meant is that I’ve done very little, in fact I’ve not left the kitchen since Friday afternoon. 
I know that sounds a little dull, but I CANNOT afford to repeat the cycle of ‘go home, get injured, spend 5 days of bed rest, recover in time to go home again’ etc. 
It’d put my recovery way back. No progress is made when I lie in bed. And it  is frustrating. 
So here i am. Larry, Sarah and Gloria came round for a tasty lunch yesterday. It was a laugh I have to say. Gloria is Sarah’s mum, and she is bloody funny, like her daughter. 
I started my new book  ‘ The good, the bad, and the ugly ‘ , a book all about the legendary Pontypool rugby team ( my home town)   They ruled Welsh rugby for many years, and their violent style of play was feared all over Britain. I played for them when I was still in Cardiff Uni, before my rugby days were sadly curtailed by recurring injury. My brother Stu played for them too, as did my cousin Delmie, my Uncle Mike, and my Dad. My Dad in fact was consulted in the writing of the book, and it seems full of his quotes. 
To make it even closer to home, it’s written by Alun Carter, who was the year above me in West Mon School, meaning that we played senior team rugby together, and a few years later played for the Pontypool first fifteen together. 
Alun was, and is, good friends with Ian Matthews, who was in my last post giving me his 29 years’ worth of wheelchair life advice. We were all 3 in the school senior side at the same time. 
Math is another contributor to Alun’s book. The book came out only this week, having had glowing reviews, including in last week’s Sunday Times. 
So go and buy one,  and get a taste for life in a welsh rugby hotbed in the 80’s ( as well as before and after ). 
I’m not in any of the pictures, though the are plenty of the right team and era that I was in myself. About 5 of the team had played for Wales, so it was pretty star studded. 
It makes me feel very nostalgic, reading it. Had I not suffered recurring injuries I’m pretty sure I would have made the team for many years, but who knows. 
I’ve had a few email correspondences with Alun since my crash ( having previously not spoken with him for 20 yrs ). You see,  good people never forget you. 
The main event this weekend though has been Dan’s FIFTY MILE run ( again in Wales)   Reports suggest that he breezed thro the cold, wet and slippery terrain in 11 hours, his target time. His second son, Tom (3) , ran towards him as soon as he saw him coming, and then accompanied him across the finish line. Bet it was lovely. 
My parents and Stu were there in a support capacity, feeding him and supplying drinks at pre arranged check points, Stu probably practising his 115 press ups in a minute routine at road side….I think he (Dan)  may have suffered a bit for the last 10 miles, but Christ, is that not surprising?
Dan, you’re a megastar. 
Winter seems to be here. 
Poor Amber is out there now playing in a hockey match in the pouring rain. 
Personally, I’d never been bothered by bad weather, before my crash. Canoeists get wet even on sunny days. Now with a chair etc life will be more complicated by adverse weather. Getting wet will bring a different set of complications for me. 
It all remains to be experienced. 
I has a whole lot of great visitors last week whilst I was on bed rest. 
One day alone I saw Debs, Julie ( brought lavish Carluccios take out) , Kevin, Tele, Richard, then Terry, Chaffs and Berg.  Was full on, but great. 
I saw Shakila and John ( friends and colleagues) , the lovely Sis in law, Melissa, and husband James, mum in law Jenni, my parents and of course, Dani. 
Pia came Monday ( she’s a love! ) and Paul Bhalla , another Specsavers director, on Friday. Paul gifted me Pret a Manger’s best ham and cheese sandwich ( always a Dawkins winner, that one )
It was so busy I actually asked Mary, my devoted relative NOT to come, for fear of her being trampled.  But I’ll see her next week 🙂
This coming week looks like I’ll see quite a few visitors. If I’m back on rehab I won’t get much time in the 9 to 5 slots, as they fill the diary with confidence building rehab activities , like cricket (?!), badminton (!) and table tennis (?), as well as pool drowning practice. 
I’ll fill you in on the reality of actually doing these things, as I try them……

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