The Usual pre Christmas organised mayhem.

Well the Chiswick Annual mates dinner was a laugh, as every time before it. 

Hosted by Debs and Neal, and attended by another 15 of us, it was a blast. 
Amazing food and drink plus stupid party games with drinking penalties is a winning formula at any Christmas party, right?
‘Hello Harry’ proved as mentally taxing to the usual suspects, plus a few more. The penalty of getting a burnt cork pressed against your face ( as per the pics ) doesn’t seem to sharpen the cerebral agility of certain people at all. 
Sarah, Martin, Patricia and Debs, whilst all successful people in their own rights, proved scarily bad at avoiding cork and Limoncella penalties. 
Pia and Cliff so generously and helpfully  took on the role of taxi service this weekend, ferrying me from the party on Saturday, and even back to Stoke Mandeville this evening. 
That gave Dani and my girls the chance to go to The Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 this evening, as Dani didn’t have to drive me here. 
They phoned from the venue just now, sounding like they were having the best time ever. 
To be absent, and not to be with the 3 people you love most in the world weighs  very heavily on me. As I tried to wish them a brilliant time, Dani could tell that I was struggling to get the words out without my voice breaking. 
We said goodbye to Chris and Luscious too today. They came to Lily’s hockey match for a good hour in the Chiswick sunshine this afternoon, before leaving London tomorrow for a 6 week honeymoon en route to Oz. . Lily scored her customary goal, watched also by Dan and Saskia, plus Adam and Mel with lil Amelia ( very cute baby ).
Everyone’s very intrigued, or possibly aghast, at the thought of me trying adaptive skiing in 15 days time. It’s an emotion shared by myself, I have to confess. 
People are expecting me to be able to master it with ease, and make the next Olympics. 
I think that’s very generous but also extremely unlikely, to say the least. 
Surviving a few goes with what’s left of my body intact is my aim this time around…
… But who knows next time?!

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