The Spine-a-thon Day.

My God, what a 24 hours….

It’s going to take me a couple of days to post pictures, post messages and write my recollections of the night. 
If anybody who was there wants to say
anything at all, please do, either by posting a ‘comment’ or emailing me, and I’ll stick it on. 
To say I was overwhelmed would be a gross understatement.
That so many family/friends/colleagues/employees strangers(!)  would reserve that date and dedicate their time to me is moving and humbling. 
300 or so people separately looked deep and straight into my eyes and touched my very soul. All barriers came down. People cried openly and without embarrassment  and people laughed loudly and honestly. 
It was the best party they’ve had at the Hogarth Club for quite a few years, and blimmin heck, they’ve had a few good ones…!
Fabulously emotional speeches were made,a naked press up competition was staged, and people drank themselves stupid. 
It was a celebration of a bright future, not a wake for what’s been lost. 
Hundreds came and ‘spun’ in the 40-strong spinning bike studio.  24 hours of generosity of time and spirit. 
Dan got hold of an ‘arm powered bike’ for me, and I had 3 stints on it. Determinedly I managed an hour on it, the final hour (5-6pm Saturday) of the 24 hour total. 
The mood in the room generated by the riders, inspired and egged on by the spinning instructors, was tear jerkingly incredible. People whooped, swayed, cheered and danced in their pedals. 
I have to say, it was FUCKING FANTASTIC. 
Friends did as many as 5 hours spinning.
 James Cacknell, and his mum and dad (!)    and the Big Man, Jason Leonard ( and his 2 boys) were amongst the many. 
  Rob Colliver sweated like a demon, as usual. 
Clare and Charlie came from America(!) Was truly wonderful to see them after so many years. I cried. 
Loads came from Wales. Yep, I cried again. 
My treasured brother, Alwyn, tried in vain to get around his 2am cancelled BA flight from Tokyo to be there. He was devastated to be absent. He cried. That got me going, again 
Alwyn, it’s ok. I know no one would have tried harder than you did. 
Finally, for now, I want to thank the outstanding staff at The Hogarth Health Club in Chiswick for doing what they did. 
Joanne Harris, Giles Stumpe, Terry Rodham, Jade Rodham, Berj,  Tim Slater, Ian Chaffey, Chris Juster, Adam Jones, Voj, all the spinning instructors, especially David Nivor, Dean, Vanessa, Charles, Barney and so many others. 
Big love to all the bar staff, receptionists, everybody that helped. Also to Holly, Maisie, Astrid and my angelic Amber for making and selling cakes, pancakes and God knows what for the cause, little Jimmy and Sherezade  from next door for being, at 6 and 7 the youngest spinners. 
I can’t name everyone, but I love you all. 
There’s one man that made it all possible. 
He no longer needs an introduction. 
At 12.30 AM he told me that ( 2nd only to his Stag Night, which I organised lol!) it was the best night of his life. 
I give you, the One And Only Dan White. 

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