The Pigeon Detectives

Went to Kentish Town Forum last night.
I’ve seen The Pigeons Detectives a few times and I promise you that they are amazing live! Most bands don’t get the crowd going for at least a few songs, and many not until they play their hits, which for some strange reason they leave until the end…

Well I’ve always reasoned that you should get the crowd on your side straight away, and then hopefully keep em there… and that’s what this front man does. He’s standing on the speakers and doing daft poses right from the start. He swings his mic like you would a tennis ball on a long string, and then let’s go and catches it ( and he never drops it ) and the crowd love him. Most of the crowd were in their 20’s … and he’s gotta be 40 odd… but he’s definitely still got it.
You can’t beat a northern band visiting London – it’s like a challenge to them to get a sedate London crowd going.. but the PD’s do it so well.
If you see one band live in your whole life, make it this one – that’s what I say!

(Journey back was torture again.. but hey let’s not focus on that… I’m going to go back to just wheelchair’ing home again!! )

And thanks to Sarah for coming – she didn’t know who they were until last night, and she was blown away. 👏

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