The access complication

So I’d booked special tickets for a screening of a romantic film inside The Natural History Museum for Valentines night… being the romantic type.

It’s only about 5 miles from here, so I reckoned an hour and a half travel allowance shoulda been more than double the time needed, even in the rush hour.

Best laid plans then… first bus was there straight away, and about 25 minutes to Hammersmith tube station. Few stops to Earls Court and 0.7 miles walk/roll after that – simples.

Getting off the train at Earls Court – following signs for the lift out, back and forth… until a chap in orange said ‘ no lift working at the moment, mate ‘… Brilliant, out of about half a dozen bloody District Line stations that are possible to use, they don’t see it as a priority to fix a lift out of one of them.

Ok then…. so with 25 minutes to go, arriving on time not looking so good. Next accessible station- Victoria….

Did that…. 1.8 miles back to the museum by bus …one that didn’t arrive for 15 minutes… and then got us within half a mile 10 minutes after the film was starting. Never mind, I was sure they’d let us in… no, they had closed the entrance altogether, and the main doors

No choice but to head back home really as iBot battery by this time depleting… another bus then… this time there was a bloke obviously completely off his face on drugs that thought he was Michael Jackson.. break dancing in the bus aisle right next to us for 25 minutes… which was actually a bit threatening as he looked ‘ well dodgy’…

20 minutes to Hammersmith, then another bus to where I live…

4 hours after we’d set off we were back where we started then …. filmless.

Never mind. Netflix and bed…. to the rescue.. The Notebook was a nice film. Neither of us had seen it before. At the end I realised that Wendy was looking a bit sad. I ( bit surprised having not been particularly moved ) said ‘ awwww’ etc etc.

Then she said that she’d been crying for at least 20 minutes and accused me of being totally cold hearted… blimey that’s so not true! I think one of us is definitely more ‘ emotional ‘ than the other though.

You gotta love her – she is so cute.

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