Thank you.

A massive thank you to Leigh n Bev for inviting me to Leigh’s birthday party.. at their lovely house.. it was great to go.
The ibot is far better in crowds than a weeny height wheelchair is… just more complicated getting there in one!

But it went pretty smoothly, as far as railways go and GG and I had a lovely time.

Happy ( big ) birthday, Leigh.
And lovely to see all of your family from Wales, that stretch allllll the way back to my childhood and beyond..( as your mum was in the same junior school class as my own father ). And that was bloody ages ago!

Plus all your family ( descendants ) that now live in England…
Leaving Wales seems to have been a thing… 🤷

And RIP Alan, my father in law of 25 years..very, very sorry to see you go. 😰

2 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Russ, just wanted to say I often think of you and come and read your blog. I saw you once when you were an opthalmologist in Staines, we chatted as we had mutual friends in the canoe world. Glad to read you are feeling brighter than a few months back, if it helps even ‘strangers’ care.

    1. Hey… im pretty sure I remember us talking? Even though it was blinking ages ago.
      That’s so nice of you to leave a message.
      I appreciate it. X

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