Sunday 1am

It’s funny – and possibly peculiar to me only – but the fasting thing has made me eat even less than usual, which is hardly anything at all, on the non fasting days. Maybe you get conditioned to eating less in general ? I obviously don’t need the calories or I’d be hungry, right ?

Today, having been pretty depressed for the first half of the day, i bought a bottle of wine – all of 1euro spend!? I rallied a lot in my head, and then shared the bottle with Krisztina ( well I had most of it ) and actually watched an upbeat film ! The Wedding Crashers IS v funny, though non PC but the combination was good.  It doesn’t mean that I’ll now be having a beer regularly, but who knows, as I definitely don’t do routine.

I come back to Britain briefly on the 3rd, so hopefully that’ll go ok.

K and I tied a large lump of stone to the front of the Segfree to push the centre of gravity forward. Let’s see how that works out…


Night x

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