September 2021

No recent posts isn’t because I haven’t been doing anything.
Lizzy and I went to see what was possibly the most bizarre play ever, last week. It was called Paradise and it was at the National theatre. I don’t think they have any minimum standard for their productions, which is a shame for the paying public, who quite rightly should be able to get a decent experience in exchange for the the financial outlay on the tickets.
Paradise was about a marooned (male ) soldier that had been left on an island for 10 years ( with a gammy leg ). Ten years on, 2 ( male ) soldiers came to rescue him.
All sounds ok so far, doesn’t it? Except the oddness started when the male soldiers were all played by women pretending ( badly ) to be men. They did the ‘ Geezer ‘ voices, called each other ‘mate’ and Sir etc, but were unmistakably women. Don’t they have any male actors available…?! Why couldn’t they just all be female soldiers ( that’s possible now, definitely ) There were fight scenes, a script that was ‘ very male ‘ and even a bit where one had a pee on another ( standing over ‘ him’ and unzipping ‘ his’ flies to do it ) They weren’t trans actors or anything, they were just chicks playing (rough) male soldiers. As you can sense, it just didn’t work at all, as in not in the slightest… like in a zero sense.
We stayed for an hour, but it was bewilderingly crap, so we left. That’s an hour of my life that was truly truly wasted.

Since then we’ve seen Constellations, which was really good! A ‘ sliding doors’ type scenario, the two actors ( a real biological man and a real biological lady ) got together/ didn’t get together, moved in together/ didn’t , were faithful to each other/ weren’t, split up and got together/ didn’t etc etc.
At the end the lady got a terminal illness ( or got a curable condition ) with all the heartache that involves.
Recommend it!

Good to see various people too. Gorana, Chris, KM, Lily and her fella.

Oh and we went to Pub In the Park too. Food/ food/ food with a few bands thrown in. I met another lady in a chair whilst there. She was thrown off her horse 27 years ago… she told me I ‘ was doing amazingly well, to be out and about so soon ‘. She had struggled badly for the first 18 years… wow that’s a lifetime right there. Do I think I’m doing well? Er no, not really, but I’m not staying indoors and hiding either, because that would be far worse than trying, at least, to live a little. You may as well TRY to enjoy yourself… is how I see it. Ok so often it’s not really worth the effort, but I’ve tried 🤦‍♂️

And happy birthday to my little brother today!!

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