The kitchen bed was a little full last night. 

A bloke with very limited mobility, Dani plus a 9 year old with a temperature. 
Poor Dani in the middle must have felt trapped, as well as having to look after the sick flanking her. 
Needless to say she came through it smiling. 
I’ll be up and dressed soon and en route to watch Lily play hockey for her school A team. She’s a pretty prolific goal scorer so hopefully I’ll be cheering on more of the same in an hour’s time. 
3 hours later: hockey over. Lost 8-2. No Lily goals. Lost to a better team. That’s life, that’s sport. They’ll get better I have no doubt. 
The girls in her team all came to chat to me later, very nice of them. 
One asked me if it’s great fun being in a wheelchair ? I’d like to say that it is. 
The innocence of youth. 

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