Sad times now and to come.

Well I can say that I don’t think Londoners are taking this pandemic seriously. It was pretty quiet 2 days ago as I wheeled down the streets, but yesterday the roads were busy, as were the pavements. What I don’t see evidence of ( at least in public ) is social distancing. What don’t Londoners understand about the advice ( that you hear a thousand times a day on the telly ) that tells us to NOT get close to other people? Yes that does include in the supermarket! What’s the logic in catching the virus in the supermarket, where you have gone to grab everything you can in order to limit the effects of the virus….? Give it 2 weeks and thousands having died from catching it at the supermarket ( probably ) and perhaps the stupid British may wise up…

In Italy thousands are dying now despite crowded supermarkets not being an issue there. The Italian population though are also apparently not doing as they are told ie they are mingling and spreading it. There’s a massive misconception here that this isn’t something that’s going to affect them and weyhey it’s time off work to socialise….

I met up with my buddy Russ yesterday. We met outside, didn’t get close to each other, and wiped down objects that had been in contact with other people before we touched them. It’s definitely not that either of us is frightened of getting it, it’s just a case of lessening your chances of contracting it, OR PASSING IT ON IF YOU ADE ALREADY INFECTED BUT DONT KNOW IT, isn’t that complicated.

On Christmas Day, a few months ago, I found myself at a loose end, but was invited by Chris Cats to spend the day with him, his lady, her son, and Chris’s dad. His dad had almost died a decade ago, but amazingly had pulled back from the very brink and made to all intents and purposes a full recovery. On Christmas Day he was engaging and full of life, and it was a massive pleasure to meet him.
It seems unbelievable that yesterday he died, his condition having worsened and taken him very quickly.

I dedicate this post to Chris and his lovely late Dad.

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