Russy Wussy

Dani has returned to London with Amber today to collect Lily,  She will be in London for 3 nights and then Amber, Dani and Lilster will return to Toulon.  Meanwhile Bob and Di, Russ's brother Stuart, my mum and Dan and Russ's friends Emma and Debbie remain.

Hi to you all
Not a great deal to report. Russ is having a quiet day. He had another x'ray this morning which I guess was for his chest. I haven't actually seen him but I believe he has opened his eyes a little and lifted an arm.
Apparently, two days ago when Dani told Russ that Emma and Debbie were coming he mouthed 'when'!
Dani has gone back to London with Amber. It will be so good for her to have a break. She continues to be just so courageous and is still thinking how she can make others' lives comfortable. I am in awe. She will be able to see Lily at last and bring her to Toulon on Sunday.
It is still late afternoon here and I shall return to the hospital shortly. I'll write again late this evening if there is any noticeable change. If you don't hear again today,things will be remaining calm and stable.
With love as always
Jenni x

and then a little later....

Have just had a text from Bob at the hospital saying " Most animated Russ has been. Smiled, squeezed both our hands, massive improvement , definitely going places".
Thought you'd all love to receive this!

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  1. That is amazing news from you this evening, It seems Russ really is making great progress now. Love to you all out in Toulon, and special love to Russell xx Love Laura and Mac x

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