In a period where I’ve felt low, I have to say, I’ve thankfully had quite a few Reasons to be Cheerful

Mark 1 was seeing my school buddy, Leigh, along with Pia and Cliff at a pub – still novel !

Mark 2 was seeing my daughter Lily actually ON her birthday. I’ve not seen either of my children actually ON their birthdays for 6 years, and that has weighed heavily on me, I’m not gonna lie ( he says, Love Island styleeee ). She has a new fella in her life, and he came too. It’s good to NOT feel ‘second raté’ this year ( which is how I’ve inevitably felt for a long time ). In my Chair I feel second rate all of the time anyway, so it’s good not to have it underlined this year again! 🤦‍♂️

Mark 3 was seeing my old race mate Ski Sharp. Gawd he was a good cyclist/ runner/ orienteerer. He could run faster in the dark than I could in the light, which was a bit galling. I last saw him in the Lake District, and before that in the Himalayas in the year 2000, where we spent 3 weeks together. He’s not changed a bit – same physique and same big nose ! Thanks to Ski for getting in touch and then visiting with red wine and Guinness!

Mark 3 was seeing my parents, who do visit as often as they can, despite it being a 3/4 hour drive. Thankfully my Dad does love driving ( ?!)
so the trip isn’t a problem. Additionally my mum does love sleeping in a moving car… so it’s a win win … Lily joined us too, so 3 generations together for the first time in 2 years.

Mark 4, and maybe most memorable, was the posh treasure hunt I went on with Lizzy, in west London. The clues led us to upmarket deli’s, who gave us picnic ingredients…. and obviously at the end we had to eat and drink it all. So a really good day out around Notting Hill, with a picnic in Holland Park at the end.
How very Middle Class!

Mark 5 and 6 were seeing the lovely Cress, and the less lovely, but very nice, Toby. They are indeed a crutch to me in the Darker Times ( as has been the lovely Lizzy of course ) and I am very grateful for having such peeps in my life.

Mark 7 was seeing me old mucker, Mr Vinesh Dabba, who for years employed me on Fridays in Hounslow. He hasn’t changed a bit either? Maybe it’s me that has a malfunctioning memory?!

I’d had a break from cranking for a month or more, but I’ve resumed my daily 2 hours, and that’s definitely good for my head!

Soon I go to Portugal too, with Gina G. That should be an experience for the poor girl. I hope she can cope with the staying up late and drinking. Gina, you’ve been warned!
( ok the truth is that since I can’t get into bed without her, I’ve got to go to bed when she says … I’m just writing bravado’ish nonsense

4 thoughts on “Recently.

  1. Really good to hear you’ve been keeping busy. You have wonderful friends, which says a lot about you.
    You’re so busy, when will you find time to squeeze me in for a visit and a natter? 😀

  2. Really chuffed mate that you mentioned me.The pleasure was all mine to meet you. Hopefully we can do the same again soon.God bless.

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