Resting pulse now 74 beats per minute. 

A Sh…. Load faster than my pre accident 39bpm but much better than the 105 bpm two weeks ago. 
Think that means I’m healing fast and my heart consequently can take its’ foot off the gas. 
Good news. 

2 thoughts on “Pulse.

  1. It’s been some 30+ years Russell but I’ve been aware of your accident through my Dad’s old boy rugby network. My Dad, Ben, being great friends with yours. So in case you haven’t cottoned on yet it’s me Leigh Jones formerly known, God forbid, as Shirl !

    You had come up in conversation just a week or two before the accident as I was talking to your Dad whilst accompanying mine to Billy Watkins’ funeral.

    I must say that everyone around you appears to have been most impressive with their support and flow of information regarding your welfare. It also seems to me that you clearly possess the same grit and determination that I played alongside briefly on the rugby field.

    I appreciate that my note may come out of the blue but I sincerely wish you well and will continue to keep track of your undoubted progress. I live in Berkshire and travel to an office in Waterloo frequently, so if you ever need a visitor to pass the time or just speak to a fellow Welshman then just let me know.

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