Positive attitude.

I’m currently on the Ghost Train to Sevenoaks…. only me in the carriage again…

It’s tricky without my Triride. My substitute ‘ cheap ‘ replacement doesn’t have enough power to even get me up the ramp onto the train. The guards always seem a little bemused that I can’t get up a 5 foot ramp and need a push. Anyway they do always oblige… obviously, or else the train wouldn’t be able to leave with me only half on. I do wonder at what point ‘ health and safety’ will forbid them to give me a little push. …

But after 6 weeks I get my Tri back this week! Gawd I’ve missed it, but definitely stayed positive. How? By exercising a LOT. I’ve been cranking for 2 hours a day 5/6 days a week. It’s losing the weight borne of not being able to exercise properly for 7 years that gives me the positivity. After ‘ only ‘ a month I can see glimpses of ‘ the old me ‘ ( physique ) coming back. That makes me happy! I reckon give it another month and I’ll be almost there. Obviously the exercise is accompanied by not eating much. I don’t have a thing about food so it’s not hard… and as time has gone on my appetite has diminished, so Win Win.

Almost there… and with the lovely Lizzy .. x

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