P Day.

So today I move to Portugal.

Who’d have thought it? I leave what was supposed to have been the matrimonial home, in Chiswick, for an apartment in the Algarve. It’s not going to be permanent I hope, but hey you never know.

I have mixed feelings, but ultimately I had no choice at all, so I’m being as positive as I can be.

Its definitely warmer there, though I’m not supposed to sit in the sun – or i get a bloody big hat that doesn’t blow off as I can’t bend down to pick it up if it does…

3 thoughts on “P Day.

  1. Hope you will still continue to keep us informed how you are getting on. Good luck and I hope you will be happy there, Love Margaret x x

  2. Russ .. lots of luck to you with your move to portugal … hope you keep blogging and let people know EXACTLY how you are doing ? Big respect as always on how you manage the massive changes in your life . Big hugs c x

  3. Dawky, a new chapter begins and so I know that you will embrace it : a new culture, language (learn it), cuisine (try it) & environment. Enjoy !

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