Ouch again.

So yes, she wasn’t being a baby. She’d had a molar pulled out on Friday, but rather than the pain diminish, it just got steadily and then rapidly worse.

It turns out the whole ( now empty ) socket was infected, full of pus, and all nerves were firing in every direction. Her eye was in pain, and her sinuses were inflamed. If she hadn’t gone to see them then she may have died ( probably ) Typically, Wendy was underplaying it and calling herself pathetic for whinging, but she’s about the toughest girl I’ve ever known ( and I’ve known a few, like my friend Anna McCormack ) – that’ll be why Wendy is a black belt in karate then… It gets worse – the dentist then said that because there was so much infection, anaesthetic wasn’t going to make any difference, so she scraped out her infected socket WITHOUT ANY ANAESTHESIA… mmm that couldn’t have been nice!

Wendy is now thankfully asleep.

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