On the telly it was.

I watched a programme on the telly the other day. I think it was called The Best House in Town. Four houses were visited by ‘ the panel of judges ‘ and a verdict was reached.
All of the houses were incredible dwellings, and all very different. They went from old/ traditional to new/ innovative.
One of the houses had been built/ commissioned by a couple, and was absolutely hi tech and full of innovation, yet was incredibly stylish at the same time. This house didn’t win the competition, I’m sure due to its modernity. The thing was though that the couple that owned it ( had had it built ) were the oldest of the four sets of owners. Why then did such a hi tech house appeal to them? That’s unusual…
Except the Man of the couple had a progressive condition that they knew would leave him in a wheelchair within a few years, so they had future proofed their home, and thought of everything they his condition was going to oblige him to require.

For me, this was the winner, by a country mile. The amount of thought focused into it was truly staggering, with every aspect installed to make low down height life and electric wheelchair accommodative.
For the judges, none of whom were obliged to think ahead to future mobility challenges, none of the special features meant anything at all. I mean why would they?

And that’s the challenge I face every day.

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