Not again..

Right. For about a month I’ve had marked, and I mean MARKED memory loss. Also I’m just not thinking straight, I can’t think of words that should just spring to mind, and my incredible( ish… ) wit just seems to have completely deserted me. I think that’s why I haven’t written much in this diary for a bit – I just am NOT thinking normally..

As I can’t get an appointment with a GP, I’ll have to find another way to get an assessment.
As I had a brain injury in my crash ( from which I did seem to recover ?) I’m thinking perhaps there’s a knock on ( no pun intended ) effect.

I can’t remember long term events, people’s names, you name it. I go through my phone contacts and lots of them I don’t remember at all.
I mean that’s just not normal.

Oh dear.. now what have I got !?

2 thoughts on “Not again..

  1. I definitely noticed you had symptoms of brain injury when I stayed with you for the weekend a couple of years ago, so I think you’re very wise to get this checked. You may well be able to get a telephone consultation with a GP, to at least start the ball rolling, though if you are still seeing a psychiatrist, that might be another avenue to look at as well.
    You have to add in the effects of playing rugby too, with all the publicity about concussion injuries this week. Definitely worth a check up, lovely.

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