Not afraid to say, me.

So black African Americans are up in arms at the relaxing of lockdown measures. They are more likely to die from Covid 19 than their white counterparts.
In Africa itself, black ( and most people there are ) people are not dying in their droves.

So you have to be black, and live in America, to be vulnerable? What if a black American moved to Africa then? Would this save him/her? And what if an African black moved to America? Would that spell death for them?

When, on the news, we get those collages of pictures of the dead ( of all colours and ages ) it’s absolutely notable that pretty much all of them, other than those who have other crippling conditions ( and the photos are not necessarily ‘ current’ , having been supplied by grieving families who tend to submit ‘ best ‘ pictures ) are OVERWEIGHT.

In America, obesity is ( literally ) a massive problem. In impoverished Africa, excessive food just isn’t a financial option…

It strikes me that this virus targets the fat, who are by and large unfit, who therefore have weaker hearts/ cardiovascular systems, and less able respiratory systems, and it so happens that there are an awful lot of fat black Americans in America.

That’s not anybody’s fault ( in almost every case ) other than that of the individual for over eating and under exercising.

Black, white, yellow, old or young .. eat sensibly and do enough exercise. I don’t think that’s anyone’s responsibility other than your own.

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