No action so far.

Sit skiing was cancelled yesterday due  to the weather conditions. 

Before we got here, they’d had the best December snow in years.. Since we arrived it’s rained non stop. 
The sit ski school said the slope was too rutted for a first timer so phoned Alwyn to  cancel. 
Dammit, I’d built myself up to give it a go, and was dressed and ready. 
That’s life. 
Everyone else has skied a day or two , and tobogganed, and ice skated, all stuff I’d have done with huge enthusiasm. 
Glad they’ve done it tho, especially my girls, who are absolutely loving seeing their 5 cousins. 
Instead of sit skiing, Alwyn, my Dad and I drove to the town of Woodstock for lunch. (Stu and Dani took charge of the kids’ skiing, or was that the other way around..)
It’s the first time just  the 3 of us have EVER had lunch, and we talked a lot and told funny stories. Was a really good few hours. 
I fell asleep for about 3 hours when I got back. Given I’ve done absolutely zero physical exercise in about 4 days I don’t know for the life of me why I’m so tired. 
Or why my bloody shoulders ache so much. 
Last night all 15 of us had dinner here together, and played games. 
Good to know my bullshitting talent is still good enough to win at Balderdash. 
Lily and Chloe sang a bit too ( voices of angels ) whilst doing some weird glass tumbler juggling routine , learnt off the Internet ( isn’t everything nowadays ). 
Looks like it’ll be the 26th or 27th that I’ll get on a ski, Christmas to get through first. 
That’s ok. There’s no pressure on me at all from the rest of my family to put my buggered body through it, but I do want to try it  at least a couple of times, just to do some sodding exercise if nothing else!
Missed my work Xmas party (in London) last night. 
I was historically always the worst behaved person at it. Well, you’ve gotta lead by example, right?
I hope they all had a great night, they deserve it. 
I hope someone else dressed as sexy Superman/ wore a pink Morph Suit… But I doubt it 😉

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